Working Dogs
  1. Fitness and Conditioning
    Fitness and Conditioning is critical for injury prevention and increasing performance at any level. We utilize canine balance pads and items from around your home to optimize your dogs potential. We will develop a program tailored to your dog's needs to take them to the next level of performance.
  2. Detection Work
    From imprinting, through advanced skills and scenarios in detection work, we work with all breeds and levels or experience. We teach a calm and positive approach to help your dog develop strong work ethic, confidence and self control while working target odors.
  3. One-on-One training
    Fully Involved K9 Academy is based out of Northern Virginia and makes personal and team training calls! Looking to improve the final trained response? Always wanted to be able to cast your dog? Not sure how to teach directionals? We can work with you to build solid behaviors to last a lifetime.
  4. K9 EMS
    Fully Involved K9 Academy provides private or group training from very basic K9 First Aid to advanced training for remote field work. Taught by a certified K9 Medic and Paramedic, include hands-on realistic practical scenarios training.