What can we do for you?
  1. Fitness and Conditioning
    Whether your dog is a high-performing athlete or a member of an active family, fitness and conditioning training will increase performance, provide focus and self control. Lessons provided in core strengthening, stretching and preventing injuries. It is so much fun for everyone to get involved in. Get up and get moving!
  2. Working Dog Services
    For sport and working dogs, from initial training, through problem solving and into advanced skills. Specializing in detection work and problem solving. A calm and positive approach to help your dog develop strong work ethic, confidence and self control.
  3. One on One training
    Fully Involved K9 Academy is based out of Northern Virginia and makes house calls! Whether you want to work on loose leash walks, good behavior around the house, agility, or anything else you can think of! Let us help you build a foundation of skills and behaviors. We can schedule appointments to meet your busy schedule and, maximize your training time.
  4. K9 EMS
    Fully Involved K9 Academy provides private or group training from the very basics of K9 First Aid to advanced training for remote field work. Taught by certified K9 Medic and Paramedic.
  5. Right Start Puppy
    Welcoming a new puppy or a new older dog? Doing things right from the start is the best way to prevent problems later. Let us get you started on the right paw with a customized program focused on you, your family and your dog.
  6. Your dog, Part of the Family
    So you have some basics down, what comes next? Perhaps some party tricks, a new sport for the whole family or just taking the basics to the next level. We provide the tools and knowledge needed for a happy, responsive relationship at home and all of life's adventures.
Working Dog Services
Email us with any questions you have and lets get started!