"At Fully Involved K9 Academy, we take the time to learn what you want to achieve, and then develop a training plan to fit your goals, your lifestyle and your dog."

Happy Dogs
Training to develop a well-balanced dog!
Specializing in one-on-one training for you and your dog to develop a meaningful relationship.  Focus is developing desirable behaviors and building  a deep and trusting bond.
Smart & Confident Dogs
Training that is challenging and fun!
Centering on positive training techniques, providing the tools and knowledge needed to interact with your dog, teaching them to make the right decision.  Challenging dog and owner to grow to together.
Fit and Healthy Dogs
Training that focuses on sustained success
Creating personalized training plans that fit into your lifestyle, ensuring the dog and owner can achieve all their chosen  goals. 
From the high-performance working dog to the star athlete to a happy healthy member of the family Fully Involved K9 Academy fitness and conditioning training plans are tailored to all needs.
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